Dosing systems

Water disinfection:
The pH value is the most important thing in water care. It influences all factors of the pool water. It indicates whether the water is acidic or alkaline.

Environmental influences carry dirt, germs and bacteria into the water, which can endanger your health. Contamination can be removed most safely with chlorine. In order to ensure the constant sterilisation of the pool, there must be a permanent chlorine content in the water.

The prerequisite for the best effect of the chlorine products is the correct pH value and the correct dosage.

Alternatively, a salt water electrolysis system can be used instead of the chlorine system.

Although the filter system is able to remove most dirt particles from the water, some particles are so small that they pass through the filter unhindered. Flocculants ensure that these small particles combine to form larger clumps, which then get stuck in the filter. This removes even the finest water cloudiness and you have crystal clear water in your pool.