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Technical innovation: The detail makes the difference

Reinforced concrete structure:
Wall and bottom are poured in one.

Concrete steps
There is a large variety of different shapes: Roman, diagonal or straight

Easy structure and fast installation
- our fitters will be available to help you with the erection,
- or ready-to-dive-in

Minor excavation work
As the CAPENA structure is self-supporting, there is no need for reinforcement. The erection of the pool involves only minor excavation works, which guarantees a neat building site and your existing garden remains tidy.

The membrane
Factory cut and factory assembled. Easy installation of the membrane with fixing strips ensures the membrane to be removed at any time without the necessity taking off the coping stones.

The coping stones
The coping stones are fixed on top of the concrete wall and are slip resistant.

A powerful sand filtration aligned with the size of the pool ensures clean water. Technical enclosure near the pool on request