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In ground swimming pool

In ground swimming pool Traditional and steel swimming pools


Swimming pools in resin and steel are available in round and oval shape, or in the shape of “eight”. These swimming pools have inevitably a bottom flat, have to support, and are above ground. Dependant of ranges of suppliers (and of prices), these swimming pools stay outside in winter or have to be dismantled. The prices are certainly lower, but the lifetime is limited. The Capena swimming pool is ideal for those who wish a personalized swimming pool on lifetime. The reinforced concreted swimming pool stays at the first position since many years. This type of swimming pools represents the top of the range of swimming pools. One of the most important advantages is that this kind of pool will stay after some decades stable. It is possible to install a new liner and your swimming pool has a new brightness. Those who choose a swimming pool in reinforced concrete decide for to realize desires and dreams. Capena offers a wide selection of the most beautiful swimming pools. You decide the atmosphere you want to create with your pool. We create, thanks the construction of our modular system, the optimal, innovative and personalized solution, till the smallest detail, according to your wishes. No matter what size or shape, with a natural or a luxury design, a pool in the garden creates a special quality of life and creates a personal living space for the family. Our unique formwork process, easy, flexible, quick, consisted in polypropylene modules, which are variably installed, completes optimally the quality of the reinforced concrete. Also concerning the realization of the ground of the swimming pool, you have with a Capena – pool more possibilities than with a polyester swimming pool. You decide, if you wish a flat base, a curved base or a base with diving pit. After reinforcement the modules and the bottom, the modules, the stair and the bottom are poured together at the same time. It resolves permanently the pressure exercised on a swimming pool. For Capena, a step is much more than a single step. It concretizes the definitive shape of the swimming pool. The membrane is manufacturer in one piece and completely covers the base and sidewalls of the pool (incl. the stair). A special fixing strip on the walls guarantees easy replacement at any time. Foam on the sidewall and a felt layer on the bottom of the pool creates a pleasant feeling as soon as you touch the smooth pool membrane, which is of course slip resistant. Our rich range of accessories and others does an oasis of the relaxation and the pleasure of your eyes.
For you complete satisfaction, we offer swimming pools with overflow. The imagination has no limit!
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