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Our company looks back at an experience of many years in the
swimming pools building.

This experience led to the development and production of our
own unique CAPENA reinforced concrete structure.

Our structure, which is produced in Germany and in France,
was checked and validated by a calculation note.

CAPENA offers a large range of steps, as well as a large section
of dimensions and variable heights of swimming pools, strength
of our product.

The CAPENA modules will enthusiasm all individual and specific
wishes and special requirements are possible.

The unique process of the CAPENA swimming pools is based on
modular panels in polypropylene, designed to receive reinforced
concrete, and offers a quick, flexible and uncomplicated installation.
'The walls, bottom an step are poured in one.

The constant growth of our European-wide distribution network
of our swimming pools kits speaks for the quality of our products
and services, and that for the complete and biggest satisfaction
of all our customers.